Justin Wilson’s Outdoor Cooking with Inside Help


Country cooking at its best! Everyone’s favorite Cajun, Justin Wilson, has cooked up a collection of mouth-watering temptations in Justin Wilson’s Outdoor Cooking With Inside Help. Many of the recipes featured can be seen as demonstrated on Justin’s PBS show, Justin Wilson’s Louisiana Cookin Outdoors.

With the aid of a barbecue grill and a Cajun microwave (a large cypress oven), you’ll be cooking like a Cajun and impressing friends and family with your skills. Fifty color photographs show Justin’s

Two Great Recipes

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About the Author
Justin Wilson is internationally known as a Cajun cook and humorist. He is a veteran of both writing cookbooks and preparing his dishes on his public broadcasting television programs for people across the country to enjoy. The companion television series is currently under production for the Public Broadcasting System.

By Justin Wilson
COOKING / Regional & Ethnic / Cajun & Creole
160 pp.  8 x 10
66 Color photos  Index.
ISBN: 9780882896090

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