Justin Wilson: How To Cook Chicken a la Justin

Justin Wilson: How To Cook Chicken Jambalaya

Justin Wilson: How To Cook Mustard Greens

Easy Cookin EP#11 Mashed Garlic - Irish Potatao Casserole

Justin WIlson's Easy Cookin Episode #11 Mashed Garlic - Irish Potato Casserole and Baked Chicken.

Easy Cookin EP#10 Corned Beef & Cabbage

Justin Wilson's Easy Cookin Series Episode #10 Beans Cooked in Corned Beef Stock and Corned Beef & Cabbage

Easy Cookin EP#9 Elbow Macaroni Salad & Chili Jambalaya

From Justin Wilson Easy Cookin series Episode #9 Elbow Macaroni Salad with Chili Jambalaya. I Garontee!

Easy Cookin EP#5 Boiled Chicken Gizzards

Watch Justin Wilson as he prepares boiled chicken gizzards over wild rice.

Easy Cookin Ep#7 Seven Steak Etoufee Wild Rice

Today Justin Will cook a great Cajun style steak Dinner and with wild rice I garontee

Easy Cookin EP#3 Crawfish Maque Chow

Easy Cookin Series Ep#3 Crawfish Maque Chow - Crawfish/Shrimp cocktail
Today Justin Will cook a great Cajun style steak Dinner and with wild rice I garontee

The Legacy of Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson Southern Products llc are proud third generation owners. Justins original company, Justin Wilson enterprises Inc. was founded by Justin himself around 1975 and his name and brand have grown into a nationwide icon for Cajun cooking. Our company Justin Wilson southern Products LLC owns all product rights and branding including recipes and TV media shows. We manufacture and distribute the entire JW food product line nationwide.

Real Old-Time Louisiana Pickings

Justin’s programs on CBS, as well as his PBS show Louisiana Cookin’ helped to popularize a style of cooking that most of America didn’t always have access to. Viewers were regaled with stories, jokes, music, poetry, and, most importantly, cooking! When Justin told his viewers “I Garontee,” he made them feel like family. Our goal is to do the same thing, offering Justin’s recipes, cookbooks, music, seasonings, and other fine food products to everyone.

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