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Justin Wilson

Since 1960 Justin Wilson has inspired and entertained many with his TV cooking shows.  Justin was more then a just a TV chef, he was an entertainer, with his whimsical stories, music about Cajun heritage, and a poet honoring Louisiana life style.   His famous catchphrase of all time was "I Garontee!" and "How Y'all Are".  Cajun and southern spices were an all time favorite of Justin's cooking style along with his right touch of everything. It's flavorful, it's good it's Cajun!  Thank you for keeping his legacy and cooking style alive for generations to come. 

Justin Wilson Southern Products LLC

Our company is based in Biloxi, Mississippi and was created to ensure that Justin Wilson's legacy and style of cooking lives on.  We hope to introduce the younger generation to old time traditions as well as southern style cooking.   Our goal is to offer his recipes, cook books, music, seasonings, and other fine food products to everyone. We want to be a part of your family as we are a part of Justin Wilson.  "I Garontee"