About Justin Wilson

About Justin Wilson
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Our History

Justin Wilson Southern Products was created in 2017 and acquired all rights and licensing of all things pertaining to Justin Wilson, including but not limited too all media, recipes, and products.  All of our products are locally made, certified Cajun, and distributed locally from the gulf coast of Mississippi.  We ship nationwide to all U.S. addresses too both commercial and residential locations. Our mission is to ensure the legacy of Justin Wilson is kept around for future generations including his unique style of Louisiana cooking. True Louisiana cooking is an art and Justin was a master of showing it

We are continuously working on building nationwide distribution with plans to get our products in every American kitchen.  Our products are currently sold in over 500 locations spread across the south from Texas to Florida including Ohio.

Our primary mission is to protect, preserve, and promote Justin’s legacy through his products, media, and his national TV cooking shows.

Thanks for reading our history and enjoying our products. Our family team is here if you need us, We Garontee!

The Legacy of Justin Wilson

Justin E Wilson was born in Roseland LOUISIANA outside of Amite. He wrote and published his first Cajun cookbook in 1960, this unknowingly launching his entertaining and cooking career and grew to a national syndicated cooking show on PBS and Mississippi Educational Television. With three TV cooking series and ten published cookbooks, Justin has entertained millions with his instructional cooking and whimsical Cajun stories., poetry, and Louisiana heritage.

Real Old-Time Louisiana Pickings

Justin’s programs on CBS, as well as his PBS show Louisiana Cookin’ helped to popularize a style of cooking that most of America didn’t always have access to. Viewers were regaled with stories, jokes, music, poetry, and, most importantly, cooking! When Justin told his viewers “I Garontee,” he made them feel like family. Our goal is to do the same thing, offering Justin’s recipes, cookbooks, music, seasonings, and other fine food products to everyone.

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