Before Justin Wilson’s first cooking programs appeared on CBS and PBS, Cajun food and culture barely had a place on the national stage. With his trademark wit, eccentricity and charisma, Justin brought Cajun cuisine out of the swamps of Louisiana and into the homes of everyday Americans. By carrying his signature products and sticking to his recipes, we strive to keep Justin’s legacy alive every day, growing his impact on the taste buds of America for years to come. Check out our real, old-time Cajun food products today!

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The Legacy of Justin Wilson

Justin E Wilson was born in Roseland LOUISIANA outside of Amite. He wrote and published his first Cajun cookbook in 1960, this unknowingly launching his entertaining and cooking career and grew to a national syndicated cooking show on PBS and Mississippi Educational Television. With three TV cooking series and ten published cookbooks, Justin has entertained millions with his instructional cooking and whimsical Cajun stories., poetry, and Louisiana heritage.

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